ZEN RECOVERY Restorative Yoga Course by Kendra Boone

ZEN RECOVERY Restorative Yoga Course

Slow and self paced.
Online learning is great for you if you appreciate more time going through a course at your own time.

"The breathing exercises together with the related postures make so much sense" Jenny

ZEN RECOVERY is a unique PRACTICE that lays down the 5 building blocks for self regulation and self healing.

1. Cultivating mindfulness
2. Re-balancing the nervous system
3. Regulating the breath
4. Quieting the mind
5. Changing old narratives.

Zen helps me stop and breathe

What's included in the ZEN?

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ZEN Recovery 40 page ebook. Please print off and have with you.
4.16 MB
Welcome to ZEN. Getting your props and space.
13 mins
Week 1 Exploring your fish shape
19 mins
Week 1 Exploring your rope shape
9 mins
Week 1 Exploring your child shape
9 mins
Week 1 Exploring your upside down shape.
13 mins
Week 1 Exploring your corpse shape
10 mins
Week 1 The 5 breathing options
19 mins
Week 1 A simple 30 minute Zen practice
32 mins
Week 2 and 3 Landing and opening with mindfulness
22 mins
Week 3 Trauma Aware Practice 45 minute
45 mins
Week 4 Moving energy flow
40 mins
Week 5 Moving into the world.
13 mins
Week 6 Discovering your inner compass.
49 mins
Week 7 Join Jenny and Lynette today.
48 mins
Week 8 Your heart's call and sankalpa
10 mins
ZEN playlist
Zen Recovery Facebook Support Circle

What others say

This course is crucial for anyone in today’s lifestyle with everything moving so fast.  I wish I had access to this 20 years ago!! Learning how to slow the brain down, destress and heal the body for 15 minutes every day is the equivalent to another hour sleep at night for me.  

I can also tap into the peacefulness I experience when doing “zen” when I’m at my craziest at work.  
The ZEN RECOVERY course challenged me to be okay with dropping into a state of less doing and more just being. Even just practicing one of the postures at the end of the day is okay.

I have a real awareness that much of the time I need to get out of my own way - notice the thoughts and then decide how to proceed

Bonus inclusions to help you Zen


40 pages of Zen.
Week by week you can refer to your ebook for self reflections, record your most useful insights and share with family members.

Spotify Zen playlist

I've selected the best Zen music to help you create an atmosphere of calm and stillness.

Hit play.

Private facebook support circle

During and after your course you can reach out for support, ask questions about your practice and be inspired by others stories.